Click the link to see Carrier Underwriting GUIDELINES, REQUIREMENTS and BUILD charts.

This two page questionnaire allows you to quickly gather your client's pertinent underwriting information. No signature is needed, so the form can be taken over the phone at the client's convenience.

Once you have some preliminary information, send us an email with your client's information. If you are using the Informal Review Form, please attach a copy of it to your email. Without disclosing any identifying client details, we will reach out to many carriers to determine which carrier would be the best place to submit a formal application.

A WS Jones Authorization is required for us to physical transmit an Informal file to a carrier. Note - Each carrier has restrictions regarding Informals. Contact us for details.

Shopping a Formal Case

When a formal application is approved other than applied for, rated or declined, we are able to review all of the medical records to determine what favorable options might be available to your client with other carriers.

Topic Resources & Questionnaires

We have questionnaires, both medical and non medical (aviation, scuba, etc...), covering a wide variety of conditions. These questionnaires enable you to isolate and ask pertinent questions directly related to the impairment or avocation. Contact

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