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Transamerica offers an unparalleled combination of products, materials and expertise to help you succeed in the Foreign Nationals market. Our experts understand the needs of global citizens. Having worked for decades in the global arena, Transamerica's experts can offer you services and resources you won't find at other insurance companies.

Here are just a few of our flyers, brochures and presentations that will help you understand the Foreign Nationals opportunity, process business through Transamerica and locate potential clients.

Quick reference, interactive chart for qualifying Foreign Nationals. Includes VISA definitions.

Download and review them today!                             

Guide to doing business to ensure the Foreign National Application is complete.

Easy-to-use chart helps determine client's tax liability.

Explains market opportunities and client profiles.

Provides examples of taxable assets and exclusion amounts for resident and
non-resident aliens.

Comprehensive guide includes tips on expediting underwriting.

Explores some of the tax implications of owning U.S. property as a Foreign National.


Many Foreign Nationals may not be aware of significant tax implications on their US issued Life Insurance policies by foreign governments.  Click above, then scroll down to the 'Intergovernmental Agreements' section which outlines financial reporting done between countries.

In addition to the state required application packet, you may need one or more of the forms below, based on each client's situation.

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